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We Clean. A Lot

Your one stop for all cleaning needs.

Click each section to read more about the process and how to prepare.

Clean dry carpet


Our proven process cleans your carpet like nothing else! It cleans and scrubs all the carpet fibers deep down from all sides, not just the top that your vacuum can reach. And best of all we use fans to speed dry, leaving your carpet no less than 90% dry by the time we leave!


Your upholstered furniture is where you spend your family time, let us show you how we can make it fresh and clean for you once again!

Sofa Cushion

tile grout stone steam cleaning

Tile and Grout cleaning

Before and after of tile cleaning


We professionally clean your tile and grout, no need to scrub by hand! Professional chemistry cleans and is extracted along with the dirt with powerful high pressure, high temperature water by our truck mounted vacuum, leaving your floors looking better than ever.


Your counters withstand a lot of wear and tear, from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in-between we can Polish, Clean, Maintain and Restore


When you love your rug or carpet, but the color isn't just right we can dye it a custom color, Whole room dyeing, rug Over dyeing (applying one color to the whole rug) and Airbrushing to restore faded color




Dryer vent cleaning  

Does your dryer take more than one cycle to dry your clothes? Does it get hot to the touch? You should have your dryer vent cleaned annually to keep it clear and safe. 

Patio furniture

We will pick up your dirty cushions, clean them, apply a protector to keep them clean and package them for winter storage. BBQ grease, sap, pollen, dirt and more are no match for the Pros! 

Hard Surfaces- Hardwood, Vinyl and Linoleum

Do you mop and mop but can never get your vinyl or linoleum flooring really clean? Years of build up can leave them looking grimy, our deep cleaning process gets them fresh and sparkling again!

Rug Cleaning

Rugs need special care, they hold and filter out way more soiling then you can imagine! Our process gets them looking and feeling their best! Offering both on and offsite cleaning options we make sure to have the solution !

Carpet Damage Repair 

Carpet Stretching, Patching and other repairs.

Stretching and trimming fixes bumpy bunching carpet. Patching can repair damaged areas, repairing damaged seams can fix dangerous tripping hazards.


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