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Carpet Cleaning

​We provide a true deep cleaning, the process is just as detailed no matter what we are cleaning, steps are not skipped, the tools used are sized for the item being cleaned. We start with an inspection, determining fiber type, soil type (food, pets, oil etc) and going over any areas of concerns, we use a UV light to inspect for pet accidents and hidden surprises like spilled laundry soap and over the counter medication, spills that can cause the dyes in the carpet to become unstable allowing them to rinse out during cleaning leaving an bleached spot. We then use a laser measure to get the exact measurements of your space.


Carpet Cleaning starts with removal of as much dry soil as possible, this is the step most commonly skipped by cleaners, but it is necessary for the best results; if you were cleaning a hard surface like your kitchen floor you wouldn’t just come in with a wet mop right away, it would turn into a muddy mess that's even harder to clean! You sweep up the dry soil first and use the wet mop only to clean what's left. This is even more true for carpets! We start with hand brushing the edges and around furniture where soil and fur builds up. Then wipe down your baseboards, they are good at collecting dust and they just leave everything looking put together when they are clean and bright too. 

Now for the rest of the carpet we use a commercial brushing machine with two counter rotating brushes, (they are like the brush on the front of your vacuum but much bigger and stronger, plus there are two spinning into each other) This does a few things, first it digs out the deep down soil, debris, fur and hair that has worked its way deep into your carpet that your vacuum just can’t reach. But perhaps even more importantly it lifts the pile of the carpet, this allows us to clean all sides of the fiber not just the matted top, this is critical in loosening the dry soil that has attached to the fibers and ensuring a full deep cleaning, as any soil not removed will “wick” back up, resulting in spots that reappear hours or days after cleaning. Once everything is brushed we finish dry soil removal with a through commercial vacuuming. This dry soil removal process removes the approximately 70% of the soiling in the carpet that isn't water soluble, but this is just the beginning of a Detail Pro Plus clean.


Next we mix a custom cleaning solution for your fiber and soil (natural fibers such as cotton and wool are not cleaned with the same products as sturdier synthetic fibers such as polyester and different soiling needs different products to emulsify and remove) as well as any requests you have regarding scent, plant based cleaners etc. This is applied and scrubbed in with that same brushing machine to get all sides of the fibers, not just the top. Like when washing your hair, when you put the shampoo on your hair you don't just jump under the water right away you lather it up first, Then you rinse it away, this is exactly what we want to do as well, emulsify the soiling to prepare it to be rinsed away.

Only now do we finally use a rotary machine or wand to fully rinse out any soiling, prior residue and the cleaning solution. He is watching the water (each tool we use has either a window or clear tube to see the rinse water as it is sucked away) as it is vacuumed out, if its not rinsing clean he keeps going to ensure everything rinses cleanly.


Then he is watching to ensure the carpets have been left dry enough, he makes extra dry passes to ensure as much water is pulled out as can be. This means carpet is dry in hours.. not days, You should be able to walk with socks and not get your feet wet, with the carpet typically being dry by the time you go to bed. Fans will speed dry so it is dry ASAP, typically by the time he leaves, so you can get back to living. This leaves them fresh and fluffy, not damp and then crunchy. They will stay cleaner longer since we fully rinse them so there’s no sticky soap residue that can commonly happen with home machines that can cause them to get dirty faster.

Got Pets?

Our premium pet package includes edging and dry scrubbing to ensure maximum fur removal. We use professional strength chemistry to deodorizer and specialized cleaning solutions to tackle pet oils. Pet accidents will be inspected onsite to determine if this topically applied chemistry is sufficient or if the carpet pad is affected and needs subsurface extraction, this and if there is pet fur that requires extra time for removal are both quoted on a case by case basis. We have a wide variety of solutions everything from just boosting the regular chemistry with extra topical treatment,to fully uninstalling the carpet, sealing the subfloor, replacing the pad and deep cleaning both sides of the carpet. Every case is different we review your options and find the one that works best for you!

Carpet Protector: Preserve and Protect Your Carpets with Ease!

a valuable solution for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your carpets. Here's why it's the smart choice:

Advanced Stain Resistance: Repels liquids and prevents deep penetration, making spills easier to clean.

Enhanced Durability: Protects against wear and tear, extending the life of your carpets.

Easy Maintenance: Helps repel dirt, dust, and pet hair, making routine cleaning more efficient.

With our Carpet Protector, you can enjoy cleaner, more resilient carpets with minimal effort. Keep your carpets looking their best and simplify your carpet care routine.

Fragrance Treatment: Elevate Your Carpet Cleaning Experience!

After a thorough carpet cleaning session that eliminates dirt, stains, and unpleasant odors, there's nothing quite like stepping into a room that not only looks pristine but also smells absolutely amazing. That's where our Fragrance Treatment comes in – the perfect finishing touch to leave your carpets smelling incredible.

Why settle for a clean carpet when you can have a clean and fragrant carpet? Our Fragrance Treatment is specially designed to enhance your carpet cleaning experience by infusing it with a variety of delightful scents. With a range of fragrances to choose from, you can personalize your carpet's aroma to perfectly match your preference and create a welcoming ambiance in any room.

Odor Neutralization: Our carpet cleaning process ensures the removal of any unwanted odors, but our Fragrance Treatment takes it a step further. It eliminates any lingering smells and replaces them with refreshing scents that uplift your space.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: Our specially formulated fragrances are designed to linger in the air long after the carpet cleaning process is complete. Enjoy a fresh and pleasant aroma that greets you every time you enter the room.

Customizable Options: We understand that everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to scents. That's why we offer a wide range of fragrance options, allowing you to choose the perfect aroma that complements your style and creates the desired atmosphere in your home or office.

Safe and Non-Toxic: Our Fragrance Treatment is crafted using high-quality, non-toxic ingredients, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and pets. You can enjoy the captivating scents without worrying about any harmful chemicals.

Experience the power of fragrance with our Fragrance Treatment. Elevate your carpet cleaning results to new heights by indulging in the luxury of a beautifully scented space. Choose from our selection of captivating fragrances and transform your home into a haven of delightful aromas.

Contact us today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment with our Fragrance Treatment option. Discover the difference that scent can make in your space and let your carpets become a sensory delight!


Here's Some Detail Pro Plus Carpet Cleans


What our customers are saying

Wonderfully professional, pleasure to deal with, phenomenal cleaning abilities! My clients' carpet was grungy with multi layers of grime, crayons, dirt, etc.

I thought for sure we'd have to replace, since homeowner had steam-cleaned multiple times before to no avail. Detail Pros came in and made the carpet like new! And home sold for top dollar, thanks to this family owned business.  

Joey Kim

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