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Tile, Linoleum, Vinyl and other Hard Surfaces

Our tile and hard surface cleaning process starts with an inspection, determining the material being cleaned as well as the soil type/level to be removed. We will hand clean a small sample area to give a sample of the results to expect. Grout is essentially concrete, and its condition (underneath any dirt/build up) can vary greatly so we test first to confirm what level of results to expect and test for any topical coatings, staining, damaged/missing/loose grout. Cleaning starts with carefully hand cleaning along the edges, we respect your home and part of that is ensuring we don't damage any baseboard with wet cleaning, so we hand clean up along the edges  then cleaning solution is applied and scrubbed in as needed, finally we use a “spinner” style tool attached to our powerful machine, this uses high pressure, high heat water and a powerful vacuum to clean deep down in the grout lines and crevices and vacuum away the dirty water and mess. Leaving you with clean fresh floors

Some Beautiful Detail Pro Cleans

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